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Ghost Gunner Slide Jig

2A Part Picker brings you the one and only slide jig where you will be able to mill designs, serrations, ports, and optic cuts into any slide – we have started with the Glock platform then will move to Sig, 1911, Taurus, M&P and more. This is also the first fixture that uses a manual probe on the Ghost Gunner platform. Out easy to use code through DDcut allows you to manually probe each axis like a professional machinist. No more running a moving end mill into your part (Even if it is in reverse) now you can probe your part without causing scratches.


Universal Glock Slide Jig set – Useable on all Glock Slide Models – More designs to come

We designed the Glock slide jig set to be able to be used on the most popular slides. G26, G21, G19, G17, G20, G21 etc. All you need to do is buy the jigs and you will get everything you need. Used on the Ghost Gunner 3 platform (GG2 Coming in near future).

What comes with the Bundle jig set?

  • 1 Pair (2 individual jigs)
  • 6 T- Nuts specifically made for the Ghost Gunner Platform
  • Clamp set, M4 Screws, Locking Arm, Pivot
  • Washers


Everything has been custom created by Northwestern Design Co. The use cases by our jig’s are limitless. For the first time ever you will be able to skeletonize your slides and do RMR cuts on the same platform. Plus much much more to come. Currently looking at adding Sig, M&P and 1911 to the same platform.



Get everything you need for your new jig set. 2A Part Picker brings you our first product for at home 2A enthusiasts. What comes in this package you might ask?

  1. 1 Pair (2 individual jigs)
  2. 6 T- Nuts specifically made for the Ghost Gunner Platform
  3. Clamp set, M4 Screws, Locking Arm, Pivot
  4. 1 1/16 flat end mill
  5. 1 1/8 flat end mill
  6. 1 1/8 ball end mill
  7. 1/8 collet
  8. 1/4 collet
  9. Washers for M4 screws

The only other thing you will need are some featureless slides!


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Universal Slide Jig