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Made for defense distributed’s ghost gunner platform

Learning Fusion 360 can get confusing as it can do so much. As a machinist you don’t need to sculpt or animate your model, you need to produce it on your CNC machine.

This course teaches you just that, how to use Fusion 360 as a CNC milling machinist

Approach the modelling stage as an engineer would and learn how to grow a 3D part from a 2D sketch. Once the model is complete it is time to put our machinist’s hat on and decide how to cut the part from a solid billet. Learn exactly how computer aided manufacture (CAM) is achieved by aerospace engineers, the same techniques are taught with this course


Learn the basics of CNC programming

The introduction to CNC G-Code course

The foundation course is the first course in the professional G-Code programming series. During these online video lessions, we will cover how each GCode and MCode command works in depth. Then we write a short program using the GCodes so you can learn how it works within a program.

Aimed at beginners in the world of CNC programming with no previous G-Code programming knowledge required.

CNC Milling using Gcode

Milling machines are the backbone of every machine shop, removing metal quickly and accurately to produce parts for aircraft, automobiles and more

This course assumes you have a very basic understanding of milling and GCODE. If you know what a G01 and an M05 means, then you are ready to take this series of lessons. If not then check out my foundation course here first.


Lathe Milling using Gcode

With multi-axis machining centres, the fun really starts. These machines are capable of making any part complete at high speed and high accuracy.

This Lathe course assumes you have a very basic understanding of turning and GCODE. If you know the basics such as rapid and feed rate movement commands then you are ready for this CNC course. If not then enroll in my foundation course here first.